What are the Most Common Causes of Shoulder & Arm Pain?

Shoulder and arm pain is a prevalent issue that affects a significant portion of the population, often leading to discomfort and a decrease in quality of life. Understanding the common causes and symptoms of this condition is crucial for effective management and treatment. Dr. Tim Johans, a dedicated private practice neurosurgeon in Boise, emphasizes the importance of recognizing the early signs of shoulder and arm pain and seeking appropriate medical consultation. This blog explores the primary causes and symptoms of shoulder and arm pain and offers guidance on when to seek medical advice.

Dr. Johans is a Diplomat and Fellow of the American Board of Neurological Surgeons, board certified in Pain Management and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Board of Neurological Surgeons. He began his neurosurgical career in 1988 and has been practicing in Boise since 1993. With these credentials, you can trust that Dr. Johans has the specialized knowledge and experience to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

He is a dedicated family man who is heavily involved in his community, is involved in several hospital boards and committees and takes pride in being a faith-driven person. Dr. Johans has had a 3 level neck fusion and can discuss options from his vast personal experience.

We also work closely with other non-surgeons if necessary so that our patients can access all available resources when making decisions regarding their treatment plans. Additionally, our team is always prompt in responding to inquiries and addressing patients' concerns throughout their recovery process. Reviews on Google and Healthgrades show that many individuals who have sought treatment from Dr. Johans have found success in his treatments while feeling comfortable and supported throughout their experiences at our office.

What Causes Shoulder and Arm Pain?

Shoulder and arm pain can arise from various sources, ranging from muscle and jointstrain to more complex spinal conditions. Muscle strains, often resulting from overuse or improper lifting techniques, frequently cause pain and discomfort in the shoulder and arms.

Nerve compression, typically due to herniated discs, can lead to sharp, radiating pain, numbness, and weakness from the shoulder down to the arm. Osteoarthritis contributes to shoulder or neck stiffness and arm pain, while bone spurs that compress nerves can cause daily numbness, tingling, and weakness in the arms or shoulders. Neck pain may stem from poor posture, particularly during prolonged desk work or repetitive tasks, placing undue stress on shoulder and shoulder muscles.

Arm Pain, Weakness, and Numbness

senior man experiencing shoulder pain

What Are the Symptoms of Nerve Generated Pain & Damage?

The symptoms associated with shoulder and arm pain can vary widely but often include:

  • Sharp or dull aching pain in the shoulder that may extend down to the arms and hands
  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness in the arms or hands frequently indicates nerve involvement, potentially leading to permanent damage if not promptly evaluated
  • Limited shoulder mobility, difficulty turning the head, and persistent stiffness and the shoulders, arms, or hands
  • In rare cases, shoulder and arm pain is accompanied by headaches, and
  • Individuals report an inability to find a comfortable sleeping position due to shoulder or neck pain

black and white image depicting shoulder pain

When Should I See a Doctor for Shoulder and Arm Pain?

It's advisable to consult with your primary care doctor if neck pain onlypersists for more than six weeks despite rest and over-the-counter pain relief measures.

Immediate medical attention is required for sudden, severe pain following an injury or accident. Dr. Johans recommends seeing him when symptoms include pain numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arms or hands, as these may suggest nerve compression or damage.

Whether through conservative management or surgical intervention, addressing shoulder and arm pain effectively is key to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. With Dr. Johans' expertise, patients can navigate their pressure-free treatment options, ensuring they receive the care needed to improve their condition and enhance their overall well-being.

Neck and Arm Pain Causing Numbness & Weakness

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