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Being a neurosurgeon requires endless hours of continuous training, work and sacrifice. There is a reason they say “Well, it isn’t brain surgery…” but for me, it is- every day.

The included infographic details both my education and my practice by sheer numbers.  The numbers are staggering and serve as a testament to the experience I have gained over the last 23 years in practice, as well as the success of my clinic. Below is some more personal information about me and my experience in practice:

I truly feel that God gave me special talents that I am to use for the behalf of His people.  I always see my patients as my own mom, dad, brother and sister and always do my very best to help my patients get back to the highest level of function.  I always pray for my patients before, during and after the surgery.  If they wish to, I will pray with the whole family before surgery.  I greatly value communication with the family and patient.  I want everyone to be clear about what we are doing, why we are doing it, goals, risks, alternatives and probable benefits.  I also work to dispel goals which are unrealistic.  I love my job and I love to help other people along their journeys.

My favorite surgeries are:

  • Neck surgeries for arm pain numbness or weakness
    • Because patients do so well and are so happy after the surgery.  A very high percentage of patients are thrilled and get most of their function back.
  • Deep Brain surgery for Parkinson’s disease and or Benign, Essential or Familial tremor
    • Because these patients are devastated by their diseases and are on their way to a nursing home environment.  In a few hours I can help them so much.  They are thrilled, and the effect is long term.  I like doing procedures that are highly innovative and cutting edge.  No pun intended.
  • I am the first spine doctor in Idaho to earn certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.
  • I have never had a patient die after or during an elective operation (not a trauma).
  • I have never had to give a patient a blood transfusion for blood loss as the result of an elective surgery.
  • The most surgeries I have completed in one day is 10.
  • My longest operation lasted 35 hours; it was a brain tumor on a young woman with three children. I noticed that looked like my wife. She did wonderfully and was cured with no recurrence for 15 years.
  • I have experienced, first hand, more miracles than I can count.

I am very proud of my quality data regarding patient length of stay, return to surgery rate, and success rate at helping arm/leg pain, preventing further numbness, and weakness in the arms/legs. My surgical complication rate -infection rate, death, neurologic injury, bleeding, cervical spinal fluid leak, nerve or spinal cord damage- is among the lowest both locally and nationally.

I know now, in retrospect, that I am a much better surgeon now than in the past.  The years have helped me to grow in wisdom, to know when a surgery is necessary, and to know the smallest and most careful procedure to perform.  Most importantly, I have learned when a surgery, even if recommended by another surgeon, is not in my patients’ best interest and should be avoided.


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